My first experience was in end 80s: merchandising designer for serigraphy in Treviso (Disney and Warner bros licenses) and art catalogues for Venice Biennale.
In first half of 90s I relocated in Verona, employed in Fides, a prepress company, and trained in color management for digital imaging systems.


Same time I worked also for Simulmondo Videogames as publishing designer (blisters, game boxes, cd and floppy graphics, gadgets).
In second half I moved into web design and multimedia - mostly cd-rom, 3D animation with Lightwave on SGI and Mac or video authoring for tv advertising / fair demos.
In first Y2K years I was a gift wrap designer (mostly gift bags) in New Filcas of America (Reidsville, NC - USA).
Back to Italy in 2005, I worked in web design again, then in Vioro (Vicenza Gold Fair official magazine) and art director in Gruppo Green Power before getting back last year to current freelance designer status.



I like to work with pencils and pastels, alone or paired with felt tips. I prefer acrylics or oil on canvas to watercolor. I also like vector (Flash, AI) and 3D (Lightwave - trying Maya).


I grown up my own style, which is quite adaptable to a wide range of use: fairy tales, fantasy, medical, advertising, any style of comics (except manga), videogames characters.
Here are samples from my first serious illustration job in '88 until my last artworks and toy design I made for G!kewl (merchandising - USA) and a gallery of random artworks.



In my youth I bought literally tons of comics. Started with Disney, then around 7 I met Marvel and designers like Barry Smith, Gene Colan, Gil Kane, Jim Steranko, Jack Kirby.


In end 70s I discovered Metal Hurlant (Moebius, Caza, Bilal, Corben, Druillet, Mandrika) and the monster Andrea Pazienza, which probably was the greatest influence in my style.
These are first episodes of three graphic novels made in 1992, 2004 and 2012; all part of a common story, Empire Collapse is bringing them together in a single narrative flow.



I started making flipbooks when I was 5, so it's more than 40 years I deal with animation. I have tried almost any technique: 2D (super 8, die-cut, cel animation), 3D, clay, wireframe puppets.


During 1993/1994 I won a few prizes in animation contests, like Quicktime user of the year, Most original animation at Bitmovie 1993, two prizes at Pixel Art Expo '94 (in real time and rendered categories).
I put here samples of videoclips for Hox Vox project, animation on commission and a few video for contests (the latter were grabbed from VHS because they're from 90s, hence their quality is not the best, sorry).



I play in 4 bands: The Wreck Up (psych-jam rock), Turbogrind Terrorizers (cybergrind), The Blasted Muffins (avantgarde) and Hox Vox (any genre), which is my solo main project.


In addition to composing and playing music, I make cover and booklet design, sometimes with my artworks; I found enough time to create two dozens animated videoclips as well.
I also lead an experimental netlabel called The Sound of Apskaft, in 5 years we made 26 records and created ex-novo a soundtrack for The Battleship Potemkin (see Wiki citation).